Who we are

Giuliano Guietti President IRES ER
Institutional representation, coordination

Coordina l’attività dell’Istituto e cura il raccordo con le strutture sindacali. Si occupa di mercato del lavoro, contrattazione, relazioni industriali, innovazione tecnologica, fondi europei.

+39 051 294 864   giuliano_guietti@er.cgil.it

Federica Benni Data Specialist
Head of the Office of Statistics
She deals with the design of statistical surveys and monitoring systems, takes care of the databases of the Observatories of Economy, Labour and Union Membership. She is the reference person for Ires ER for the research activities related to interprofessional funds.


Davide Dazzi Economist
Industrial relations, Organizational innovation

He deals with working conditions, labour market and industrial relations with a special focus on comparative studies between the local territory and Europe.

+39 051 294 804   davide_dazzi@er.cgil.it

Daniela Freddi Economist
Industrial Economics, Innovation and Technology

She deals with local economic development, technological innovation and evolution of industrial sectors with a special attention to aspects related to business strategies and their horizontal and vertical relationships. 

+39 051 294 865   daniela_freddi@er.cgil.it

Assunta Ingenito Sociologist
Welfare and territory
She deals with issues related to the social needs of the local population, and the study of interprofessional training. She also deals with social services and, in particular, with community work.


Volker Telljohann Sociologist 
Italy - Germany relations
He carries out research work in the field of industrial relations at a transnational level. He deals with trends in the internationalization of production processes and industrial relations and their impact on national industrial relations systems. More specifically, he deals with themes related to cooperation between Italian and German trade union orgnisations.

+39 051 294 869   volker_telljohann@er.cgil.it

Stefano Tugnoli Statistician
Office of Statistics

His activity focuses on empirical research based on statistics, observatories and databases management, monitoring systems referred to the labour market, industrial relations and issues related to territorial systems of Small and Medium Enterprises.

+39 051 294 862   stefano_tugnoli@er.cgil.it