European fondation

Eurofound: Workshop at IIRA Congress
Copenhagen, 28 June -1 July 2010
Wednesday 30 June – 16.00-17.30

New forms of governance in European industrial relations:
a company and sectoral perspective

Chairs:Christian Welz and Jean-Michel Miller

I. Company perspective

a) Workers involvement in normal European Companies (SEs):
from information/consultation to participation?
Peter Wilke, Wilke, Maack und Partner, Germany

b) EWCs and European Framework Agreements (EFAs):
from information/consultation to negotiation?
Volker Telljohann, IRES Emilia-Romagna, Italy

II. Sectoral perspective

a) European Sectoral Social Dialogue: truly representative?
Georg Adam, Department of Industrial Sociology, University of Vienna, Austria

b) European sectoral social dialogue: a functioning multi-level and -actor policy?
Evelyne Léonard, Université Catholique de Louvain,
Louvain School of Management & Institut des Sciences du Travail, Belgium

c) Discussion