From the beginning, IRES ER has investigated and analyzed labor and welfare topics. Today it focuses on the deep changes affecting the world of work and the model of the current welfare system, dealing with the regional level within a framework in which the local dimension is gaining importance for both public actors and the production of public policies itself.

The local dimension is becoming a strategic dimension of development capable of promoting a concept of citizenship based on social rights. Social rights have traditionally been correlated to the development of welfare state, but they represent possibile ground of conflicts and redefinition of the mapping of public regulation, as well.

The objective is to understand and analyze the emerging dimensions of work and labor and the critical aspects of the currente situation.

  • standard and atypical forms of work, widespread at the national and regional level, and directed especially to young people, women and migrants;
  • processes of change in work and labor;
  • vulnerability, insecurity, inequality and social injustice, that is growing even in those that traditionally were regarded as no-risk areas;
  • social citizenship.