Europe area deals with labour policies and industrial relations at European and International level.
The results achieved so far in building up concerning the social dimension of the integration process, are:
  • the model of socio-economic regulation and labour law in Europe;
  • the setting up of European Works Councils;
  • future European systems of worker partecipation and labour policy stategies.
Furthermore, the objectives ot the area deal with the relationship between globalization, reorganization and restructuring processes and work, as well as the comparison between the regional/national situation and other European and international experiences. Europe Area of IRES Emilia-Romagna has a continuous relationship with other European bodies and is also member of TURI (Trade Union-related Research Institutes), a European network.

  • Europeanisation of industrial relations
  • European ed international networks
  • Information about European projects
  • Interregional cooperation projects
  • Research on advanced experiences
  • Exchange of international experiences