Final Report copertina Going up the high road. Rethinking the role of social dialogue to link welfare and competitiveness

This report outlines the main findings of the research project “Going Up the High Road.
Rethinking the Role of Social Dialogue to Link Welfare and Competitiveness”, supported by the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Agreement nr. VS/2013/0349).
The idea of a research project on the implementation of occupational welfare schemes across Europe by means of social dialogue emerged from a broader reflection on the shortcomings of the flexicurity approach in the current economic crisis. In the context of the crisis, many companies in the European Union have adopted labour flexibility and management strategies for the reduction of labour costs as the main driver for competition.
In so doing, the ability of the European Social Model to operate as a policy framework has been called into question, along with the narrative construct of the European integration project.


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